We’re happy to help with any questions you may have, feel free to phone us during our business hours at 020 3740 5607 or email us at info@hearmelondon.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. 


If I lose a hearing aid, what can I do?

It’s recommended that after hearing aids are fitted, you speak to your home insurance to add them to your contents list. This should not affect your premium.

Hearing aids are expensive, do you offer insurance?

Hearing aid suppliers can not provide insurance. 

Wax Removal

Is micro-suction the same as getting your ears syringed?

No. Microsuction is the preferred method for clinicians and patients alike, as it puts less pressure on the eardrum and has a lower chance of infection than Irrigation, also known as syringing. We do not use ear-syringing in our clinic, and nothing is put into the ear, only the speculum, owing to the increased risk of infection. 

Why can’t I get my ears unblocked on the NHS?

GP practices have stopped offering patients earwax removal treatments because of the time pressures clinics face, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. This means you may need to find an audiologist to support you if you have a blocked ear due to excessive earwax. It is always worth checking with your GPs surgery if you prefer this route, as not all GP practices are the same, and it really can depend on the area you live in. 

Only one ear is blocked, do I have to have both ears examined?

Yes, both ears are examined. If one ear is blocked,  the other is likely to have a build-up, so we check both in the same session. Don’t worry, this won’t cost any more, as it’sthe same price covers it.

Does removing wax hurt?

No. Microsuction treatment is painless. Most patients feel relieved once the earwax is dislodged as their hearing returns to normal. 

Will microsuction give me a headache or make me feel faint?

Water is vital for every body part, and our ears are no exception. We encourage you to take your time standing and wait till you feel ready to leave the clinic, and we always encourage extra hydration that day. People may sometimes feel slightly light-headed, but this will go on within a minute. 

Can I use ear buds to unblock my ears?

Do not use cotton buds! This will often impact the obstruction and push it closer to the eardrum resulting in pain or infection. In some rare cases, applying a natural olive oil spray (Earol Olive Oil is the recommended product) before sleep will loosen the wax allowing it to drop out. You should also try and keep the ear free from water if it feels blocked. Water trapped behind wax, if left, can also cause an infection.  


I want to get a member of my family’s hearing tested, can I take them and support them during the appointment?

We welcome family members and friends to the appointment; we ask that it be one person only. We know this can be a great support, so we look forward to welcoming you and the person requiring hearing health support.

I know someone that needs to have their hearing tested but doesn’t want to talk about the subject. Can you advise how best to broach the subject?

Hearing loss can be a sensitive subject to tackle with someone you are close to. It may take a few approaches and several chats. Always be supportive and try to focus on the positive side, the fact after having a hearing test and getting hearing aids, they will have better hearing and feel more involved again.  


I have made a booking for a hearing test online; I now can’t make my appointment. What should I do?

Give us a call on 020 3740 5607 or email us at info@hearmelondon.co.uk to reschedule.

I find it hard to hear on the phone, you can book via email?

Yes, this is totally possible. Email the team, and we will schedule an appointment: info@hearmelondon.co.uk

Can I book my next hearing check-up with you when I am at the clinic?

Yes, we can do this at your appointment. We also will send you a text reminder. 


I am a wheelchair user, is the clinic accessible?

Yes. Our clinic is on street level. When you ring the door, one of the team will come and meet you. You can then go directly into our treatment room.

Fortunately, We have a spacious treatment room that can provide hearing tests and microsuction treatments without getting out of your wheelchair.

If you have any further questions about accessibility, we welcome you to call or email us. We also offer this as an option if you prefer a home visit.

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